Caribbean Vegan Sweetness


Home made Cassava Soup!

  •  Boil 2 liter water
  • Cut the Cassava and potatoes in pieces
  • Put half of the vegetable boullion, sliced tomatoes, onions and pimento grains in the water and stir it
  • Put the cassave and the potatoes pieces also in the water 
  • Add pepper, salt or Maggi boullion to your own taste
  • Pour the coconut milk in to your own taste, the more coconut milk, the creamier it will be
  • Cut the Tayer leaf and selery and pour it in the soup
  • Add the vegan sausages into it (optional)
  • Let the soup simmer for 30 minutes

P.s. You can also cook white rice and add that to your soup!